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byProxy - Augmented Reality Clothing Brand

This project was created under the direction of the renowned professor Gisela Grosse. The goal of the course was to develop a branding concept for an existing or conceived brand. Since Mika Albrink and I had developed augmented reality fused clothing in our free time, we took this as the foundation of our byProxy branding project.

The Instagram app SparkAR can be used to upload an image recognition filter to the social media platform for free. The customer just has to follow the @byProxy.test channel on Instagram and point the app-internal camera at our clothing graphics and a tracked 3D animation follows.

The byProxy brand concept is based on contrasting fusions of old and new technology visuals.

Year: 2021

Supervisor: Prof. Gisela Grosse

Dimension: Product Development, Branding, Webdesign

by Mika Albrink & Julius Tiemann

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